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Mitchell Mullins, a director, dp, and colorist.

“His work reflects a dynamic motion and flow weaved throughout every frame”

Mitchell Mullins is a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles, California.

From a young age he never gave up on his vision to create with a purpose bigger than himself. Dropping out of film school to launch his own company. Landing him in sunny Los Angeles, CA he began his career as an Adventure Cinematographer working with brands on a global scale. Leading up to 300 days spent traveling outside the U.S. in 2018, he’s seen every corner of this earth and pushes every physical and mental barrier to make his visions come to life through his films.

“It’s all about your perspective. What you see in the world. The story we tell ourselves. There are so many stories and amazing people out there. It’s my mission to capture and meet every single one of them”

His work has won him many awards including an Emmy (2016) for his motion media & graphic design work. Along with being a full time creative he spends Flying and building FPV Drones, freerunning, and hosts a podcast on iTunes ("The Process") that gives his audience insightful ideas and sparks conversation about the direction of the creative industry.

“The Process” [PODCAST] Mission Statement “To open a lane of conversation around creativity, mindset, and perspective”, “Both, I believe are things this community and world need”

Letting his life be an example of someone who never gave up on themselves, overcame every obstacle, and chased every second of this life.